Friday, 4 October 2013


Some readers may be interested to know that I have posted Chapter 1 of a new serial, Catching Up with Murder on my fiction blog. 

Hopefully, readers who enjoyed Predisposed to Murder will also enjoy meeting up with many of the same characters and discovering how they first came together.

Catching Up with Murder is available in paperback from amazon and could well be described as a black comedy in parts; it is not a gay novel as such, but has a strong gay story line that becomes clear and takes off in Act II:


It has always struck me how curious it is that some words used to describe human nature can mean different things to different people in exactly the same circumstances.  Not surprising, though, since everyone's take on life (and people) is different depending on how various socio-cultural-religious, age, economic and political factors conspire to directly affect our personal lives, and therefore our opinions. (Whatever, we need to be wary of rushing to judgement and/or being fooled by a sweeping take on stereotypes; there is much to be said for 'judge not lest ye be judged.')

This poem is (another) kenning or 'Who-am-I?' poem:


I am not always where I should be
and sometimes you will find me
wearing the face of human cruelty,
lashing out at anyone who dares
stand in my way, stamping on them
as if they were but vermin, ready
to excuse, even glorify the choices
I make, supposedly for other than
my own poor sake

I do not always assume the part I am
expected to play on the world stage
or in such corners of the human heart
that are open to anyone to view who
cares to curry favour with me, though
usually only to be rewarded, in turn,
with such gestures of rank or position
that serves best who watch and listen
or be brought down again

I am not always the villain of the piece,
sometimes deserve applause, bowing
with due modesty, accepting credit due
for brave acts beyond the call of duty
(includes acknowledging my sexuality)
or services to humanity as nature meant
for me provide, rejecting a darker side
that still (I must confess) lurks just below
an awe-inspiring surface

Walking tall, for good or bad, nor denied
what’s mine who am called, Pride…

Copyright R. N. Taber 2008

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