Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Lead Player in a Docudrama

Social, religious, cultural and, yes, even sexual elements of human nature are inclined to conspire against us (supposedly for our own good) on a regular if not daily basis in order to establish themselves in this or that driving seat…

Such is the nature of the human ego that it can be something of a control and when it suits. Nor does anything bring this home perhaps than when browsing archives, not least those, enduring  relating to family history, reading and capturing the imagination like a docudrama portraying human nature at its best and worst, strongest and weakest, all-enduring despite (even because of) the very flaws that comprise it.

‘Acting provides the fulfillment of never being fulfilled. You're never as good as you'd like to be. So there's always something to hope for.’ - Washington Irving

This poem is a kenning.


I come in peace, a force for good
yet am often abused, used to make war
on lesser forces unable to resist
the strength of my will giving ambition
and determination their way;
for good or ill, time will have its say
and those, too, who endure
the wait to see if they can (ever)
put their trust in me

I bring hope where weaker forces
sure to fail, yet can be misunderstood,
seen as an enemy, threatening
to take control for my own purposes,
harbouring a secret agenda,
a measured tissue of lies and half lies
an impenetrable camouflage
for self-interest convincingly ticking
all the right boxes

I offer stability where foundations
of enterprise are in danger of collapse
along with all invested interests;
yet, I am easily distracted in playing
the hero, even persuaded
by my own convictions that any potential
for universal gain has to be better
than settling for less on the grounds
it bring happiness

I dress the bones of history with flair
who am that old chameleon, Power

[From: Tracking the Torchbearer by R. N. Taber, Assembly Books, 2012]

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