Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Butterflies, Catching the LIght

The poem was inspired by a lovely lady who fought cancer and won a reprieve of several years before it finally caught up with her. One summer, she told me that, if it was to be her last, she would enjoy it to the full although she would not be content to simply pass through a butterfly but had every intention of seeing out another autumn…and winter…and spring...

Indeed, no passing butterfly, she, but a true Child of the Earth. When I was first diagnosed with prostate cancer in February 2011, she was and remains my inspiration.


Why think of dying on a lovely
summer’s day?
Not a cloud in the sky; birds full
of mischief and joy;
a scarecrow swinging in a breeze,
making us dizzy;
children laughing at grown-ups
too busy blowing
on dandelion clocks to care how
the young may
perceive the rapture of one foolish
moment, finer by far
than capturing a rare butterfly;
Light in the eye
like a spread of buttery sunshine
on bald spots in
your hair, token of forever things;
Peace, Hope,
wings of a kind, like words a child
might find
once tucked into bed and favourite
stories read;
heavens, in perfect harmony with
greenest pastures
though a cancer in the body catch
us unawares
to keep, like the rarest butterflies,
on display

Why think of dying on a lovely
summer’s day?

[From: The Third Eye by R. N. Taber, Assembly Books, 2004]

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