Sunday, 21 April 2013

Ode to Spring

The poem first appeared in an anthology, A Natural Way of Thinking, Poetry Now [Forward Press] 2003 and subsequently in my collection.

Now, it is spring and who wants to think about anything else but celebrating love and nature?  

Reader ‘Marian J’ contacted me some time ago to say she especially likes this poem ‘because my love for spring gets me through even the worst winters.’ That goes for me, too, Marian.


I heard you laughing on a summer wind,
telling the world about me,
how you made me fall in love with you
then said you wanted to be free;
I couldn’t make you change your mind…
You said I’m really not the kind
for you, I should find someone new,
left me alone and blue

Memories, a summer breeze

I heard you crying in a winter wind
telling the world about us,
how we fell and threw our love away
like autumn leaves;
I couldn’t make you change your mind…
You said you’re really not the kind
for me, and I should find someone new,
had to let you go

No peace of mind, winter wind

I’m laughing now it’s spring again,
telling the world about you,
how I went down on my knees today
whispered a prayer or two;
I can’t believe you changed your mind…
You said, we’re two of a kind
after all, so let's see if we can’t find
a way through

Come, let the wind blow...

[From: The Third Eye by R. N. Taber, Assembly Books, 2004]

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