Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Zen of Life Balance OR A Singular Take on Imagination

Some readers have commented on my profile photo that was taken by a friend, Christopher King who is also a professional photographer. He also took the b/w photo it replaces. I was delighted with both, especially as I am not very photogenic. You can find more about Chris at:


We all have a force for love on the inside looking out for us. Whether or not we pay it much attention, it records everything we do, good or bad, for better or worse. Moreover, it is a permanent archive, available for reference by anyone who may be interested in searching for more than just proof that we ever existed…among the lower as well as higher profiles in history’s much doctored pages.

This poem is a kenning.


I fly where eagles dare,
tread where hungry lions feed;
among all my enemies,
it’s of short sightedness I most
have cause to be afraid,
that legacy living histories
designed to weaken
if not the bring down the pillars
of its communities

I swim with dolphins
to lead humankind to safe shores,
away from sharks
sniffing for blood in deceptively
still waters,
befriending those beguiled
by a killing tide’s moon
or having taken on high noon
without back-up

I may run with hares from foxes,
but am likely to mistake the fortitude
of tortoises for folly
than the less perceptive human being
is inclined to perceive poverty
for weakness or taking pleasure
in those simpler pursuits
cash can’t buy (nor ever will)
as throwing the race

I am that take on mind-body-spirit
shaped by life, seduced by art

Copyright R. N. Taber 2011

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