Monday, 2 July 2012

Fairy Tales Are An Endangered Species

Many thanks to those readers who have been in touch to say they are enjoying some of the storylines serialised on my fiction blog. I hope to upload them as e-books later this year or early next:

I have even had positive feedback from several straight readers who are enjoying the gay storylines. Wow, that’s nice!


Whatever happened to the fairy tale?  On the one hand, an endangered species, while on the other hand...

Could it be that the metaphor of fairy tale has finally shrugged off its magic cloak for an even darker reality? Oh, for a return to the world of fairy tale and happy-ever-after endings...! [Whatever happened to those?}


Forests, a kaleidoscope
of colour, patterns ever changing
even as we look, like pages
in a child’s book bringing fairytales
to life for us

Six swans, six brothers,
winging spring skies, seeking an end
to enchantment but must wait
until their sister, like us, finds a way
to make the change

Knights in armour, wielding
swords that spark a summer sunshine;
rose petals dripping the blood
of rivals challenged and taken to task
for the sake of winning

Snow White in a glass coffin,
no hope of resurrection, the wicked
witch has won? Our turn to woo
the mirror now, autumn skies exposing
a festering of wounds

Dragons, breathing fire
that would kill off the trees to please
property developers who
have no time for fairy tales - or
the likes of us

Latter-day knights, wielding
words that spark a wintry sunshine,
robins dripping the blood
of rivals arguing over the last prize left
to us (a glacier coffin?)

Copyright R. N. Taber  2007

[Note: This poem has been slightly revised/updated from the original as it appears in  Accomplices to Illusion by R. N. Taber, Assembly Books, 2007; 2nd (revised) e-ed. in preparation.]

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