Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams


In winter, there are always memories of summer to keep us warm and see us through the darkest, coldest, cruellest days… as we anticipate other summers and longer, warmer, kinder days.

Forget log fires and central heating. Lovers can always escape the cold in each other’s arms…so it’s lucky for gay people like me that love doesn’t discriminate any more than weather! It’s just a shame that we can’t always escape bigotry so easily. Yes, life is a lot easier for gay people in some parts of the world…but only some…and rarely that easy, wherever.

Brrrrrrrrrrr. Things can only get better, yeah?


Tangled legs on a spread of clover
mouths kissing, arms embracing;
sun nymphs dancing on naked bodies,
breasts bared to the sky, mischief
in each golden eye, making the most
of precious moments, playing to
an audience of doves in the branches
of a guardian tree

Half-remembered lovers ghosting us 
but fleetingly cannot reach, touch,
yet watch and yearn, burn like candles 
in the wind till snuffed out, freeing us
to be who we are, no mere shadows 
of who we were before we lay here 
together, embracing a brave new future
in the lap of summer

But vaguely aware of doves applauding
in the ears or the passing of past loves 
in clouds getting in our eyes like smoke
trails as we are transported by the smiles 
on the faces of we  lovers discovering 
(as if for the first time) the sheer ecstasy 
of being in perfect harmony with each other
and nature

Inspired to respond to Earth Mother's 
love poetry  naturally as seeds in the wind,
nurturing the world, sending it word
that love, like truth, may yet win through
whatever some people may say or do
as they vie with ghosts to go one better;
swept along on a tide of inspired spirituality
and sexuality

Be sure as love will have the last laugh
on its critics as summer will follow spring,  
autumn fires warm us on its colder days
wherever we are, doves cooing, sun shining 
either side of storm or snow, showers 
that would see flowers grow another day,
reopen their petals to love, its colours bright
and gay

Copyright R. N. Taber 2004; 2012

[Note: An earlier version of this poem appears in 1st eds. of The Third Eye by R. N. Taber, Assembly Books, 2004; 2nd (revised) e-edition in preparation.]