Monday, 19 March 2012

Tracking The Torchbearer

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2012 is the year the Olympic Games come to London and Her Majesty The Queen celebrates her Diamond Jubilee. To mark both occasions, I have produced a new collection whose title is, not inappropriately, Tracking The Torchbearer. Overall, it tries to capture something of the spirit of The Games rather than focusing on sporting events.

The book costs £9.99 and will be soon available from U.K. bookshops, and some public libraries; there is no charge for postage for UK readers and overseas readers can have a discount on (retail price + shipping) so the cost will depend on where you live.

The book comprises 100+ poems in seven themed sections - including a gay section - for easy reading. Among poems on love, nature and contemporary society, you will find such themes as the so-called Arab Spring, a tribute to trapped miners in Chile and their dramatic rescue, earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand and the earthquake/Tsunami off the coast of Japan as well as a record of happier occasions like a royal wedding and Her Majesty the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Oh, critics will argue that I include too many poems,  but regular readers say they love having seven little poetry books in one...and you, my readers are far more important to me than any critics.

Enquiries to: with ‘Blog Reader’ in the subject field (or it will probably be deleted). Oh, and please remember to say what in which part of the world you live. [NB. Some pre-general publication copies are already available.]

Regular readers will know that I publish my poetry collections under my own imprint. Most if not all poetry publishers seem to disapprove of poems on a gay theme appearing alongside poems on other themes and/or believe it to be a non-commercial proposition. I am delighted to have proved them wrong. Not only do my books sell well (for poetry) but gay and straight readers alike frequently get in touch to say they enjoy them; new readers among the latter usually express surprise at  enjoying ‘even’ my gay-interest poems, and some even start dipping into both blogs. Yes, I get some complaints and hate mail for supposedly ‘promoting’ a gay lifestyle, but not a lot and it doesn’t bother me in the least.

Now, no one writes poetry for profit (just as well!) and sales will pay for a final collection in 2015 (by way of marking my 70th birthday). I have also started work on 2nd editions of previous titles that will be available after 2015; these will contain significant revisions of some poems. 

Please at least consider buying a copy of Tracking The Torchbearer, but no hard feelings if you can’t afford it or simply choose not to. Whatever, I will continue with the blogs for some time yet so you will always be able to view poems here.

Here's a BIG HUG from your truly because, as I write the blogs, I have a wonderful sense of your being there; it's a GOOD feeling.


No cheers just for those who win,
everyone playing their part
in the race to show we’re human

If old gods saw the Games begin
and new gods losing heart,
no cheers just for those who win,

Torch lit and crowds making a din,
all set to make a start
in the race to show we’re human

Brave new societies, putting spin 
on an overloaded apple cart;
no cheers just for those who win

Where old gods stir under the skin,
a new order falling apart
in the race to show we’re human

Come Apollo, wearing a wry grin
Earth Mother, raising a shout;
no cheers just for those who win
in the race to show we’re human

Copyright R. N. Taber 2011

[From: Tracking the Torchbearer by R N. Taber, Assembly Books, 2012]

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